Caring for Chicken Fighter Gambling Cockfighting

Caring for Chicken Fighter Gambling Cockfighting

Caring for Chicken Fighter Gambling Cockfighting – Next, we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all groups, here is how to care for chicken oetarung, gambling cockfighting.

Bangkok Chicken Care is of course very influential on the strength and technique of fighting the fighting cocks. fighting cocks are said to be champion chickens which are fighting cocks that have good technique, good stamina and also have a brave fighting chicken mentality.

In caring for a winning fighting cock, it is also very necessary to have patience and patience from the owner of the fighting cock itself. To make fighting cocks a fighting champion it also needs to be treated regularly every day. By taking care of your fighting cocks regularly, your fighting cocks will have good muscles and stamina too. The Right Way to Care for Fighting Chickens

Therefore, on this occasion I will give you all about how to care for a good fighting cock and make it a champion cock fighting in the rooster arena. for those of you who want to have fighting cocks that are fighting champions, then please refer to the reviews that we provide properly.

Tips for Caring for Bangkok Chickens Champion:

Train Fighting Chickens Stamina:

The first thing you have to do is to create a fighting champion fighting cock that is most important in caring for a champion fighting cock is probably the most important thing in raising young chickens, most in the process of feeding and the process of training the strength of chicken stamina such as drying the chickens.

Fighting Chicken Feed:

To create a champion fighting cock, you can do it the second time by giving chicken feed. in the process of feeding chickens, try super food for chickens that can make your chickens bigger and stronger faster. well, if here I give an example of chicken feed that is easy and easy to get, I give chicken feed, namely popan, why popan, because this feed is very easy to get and can accelerate the growth of your chickens besides that it can also help the process of appetite for fighting chickens. The Right Way to Care for Fighting Chickens


The third one provides good vitamins for the fighting chickens you have, you can also provide herbal concoctions that you can mix yourself. well, if here I give or give food that can make the chicken stronger and stamina, that is, I feed it like an eel, only take the yellow chicken eggs, if you make a potion it’s easy enough to mix honey with only yellow chicken eggs. but if I like to give vitamins from foods that smell rancid because it is better for the stamia and strength of our fighting cocks. The Right Way to Care for Fighting Chickens

Bathing And Drying Chickens:

then wash and dry the chickens, the most important goal is to bathe and dry the chickens every morning your chickens bathe and dry in the sun. The drying process is up to you but don’t take too long because of the pity for the chicken too, the goal is to train the strength of your chicken so that your chicken’s stamina is stronger and more powerful when competing against its opponent’s fighting cock in the arena / arena for fighting cocks.

Strength Training:

The next way is to train the strength of the chicken by bathing the chicken by swimming, the goal is to train the strength of the chicken leg so that it is strong and fast in hitting the opponent without training like this your chicken will hit so try to train your chicken in the way above.